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Course Syllabus and Outline

Basic Essay Structure

How to Analyze the Logic of an Article, Essay, or Chapter

Grading Rubric for Research Essays

Setting Up APA Formatting for WORD

Owl Purdue APA Citation Style

Sample APA Paper 1

Sample APA Paper 2

Sample APA Paper 3

Annotated Film Bibliography

Procedure for Challenging Your Final Grade

California Standards for U.S. Government / Economics (12th Grade)

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Research Projects / Examinations

The Soil of Democracy - Active Citizen Participation - Research Project One

Books / Articles / Reports / Documents / Websites (Theory)
  • Consent Without Consent: Reflections on the Theory and Practice of Democracy - Chomsky
  • Debating Democracy - Miroff
  • Citizen Participation in Decision Making: Is It Worth the Effort? - Irwin
  • Public Deliberation in an Age of Direct Citizen Participation - Roberts
  • Couch Potato Democracy? - Valelly
  • Liberal Individualism and the Crisis of Citizenship - Bellah & Madsen
  • Democracy's Romantic Myths - Mueller
  • Books / Articles / Reports / Documents / Websites (Practice)
  • Spaces for Change? The Politics of Participation - Cornwall & Coelho
  • Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community - Putnam
  • Cultural Currency - Halpern
  • Why Americans Still Don't Vote - Piven & Cloward
  • Playing Dumb? Dan Rather's Curiously Clueless Take on Why American's Don't - Street
  • The Citizen As Respondent: Sample Surveys and American Democracy - Verba
  • America's Civic Condition: A Glance at the Evidence - Galston
  • Guest Post: Should Everyone Vote? - Tyler Durden
  • The Active Citizen - Loeb
  • The Soil of Democracy - Democracy and the Middle Class - Research Project Two

    Books / Articles / Reports / Documents / Websites (Traditional / Conservative)
  • Democracy and Capitalism Friedman
  • The Road to Serfdom Hayek
  • The Morality of Capitalism: What Your Professors Won't Tell You Palmer
  • Debating Democracy Miroff
  • Myths of Rich and Poor Cox
  • Saving the Dream Heritage Foundation
  • The Minimum Wage Harms the Most Vulnerable Richman
  • Terms of Contention Garfinkle
  • The Inequality That Matters Cowen
  • Left Out Fukuyama
  • American Dreams, American Resentments Mead
  • Capitalism and Inequality: What the Right and Left Get Wrong Muller
  • Defending the One Percent - Mankiew
  • Job Losses and Trade: A Reality Check CATO Institute
  • Books / Articles / Reports / Documents / Websites (Liberal to Critical / Radical)
  • Demise of the US Middle Class Now Official Smith
  • America Beyond Capitalism Alperovitz
  • Democracy at Risk Gates
  • The Wealth Inequality Reader Fireside
  • Growth and the Middle Class Madland
  • The American Dream Has Become A Burden For Most Younge
  • The Spiral of Inequality Krugman
  • Are We Still A Middle Class Nation? Lind
  • The Broken Contract: Inequality and American Decline Packer
  • The Myth of the Middle Class: Have Most Americans Always Been Poor? Nasser
  • Obama Destroys the Middle Class Whitney
  • Understanding America's Class System Bageant
  • No Functioning U.S. Democracy Street
  • Dollarocracy: How Big Money Undermines Our Democracy Nichols and McChesney
  • We've Got A Billionaire Bailout Society Leopold
  • America's Lost Egalitarian Tradition Wilentz
  • Facing Up to the American Dream Hochschild
  • Striking It Richer Saez
  • The Power of the Rich Tabb
  • The Great Inequality Yates
  • Does Inequality Matter? Jencks
  • Aspects of Class in the United States Foster
  • Some Economics of Class Perelman
  • Six Points on Class Zweig
  • Let's Get This Class War Started Hedges
  • Pursuing the American Dream: Economic Mobility Across Generations - Pew Charitable Trust
  • Text Assignments for Fall 2017 (Due: Friday, December 15, 2017)

    Final Exam Study Guide

    Recent Articles, Documentaries, and Websites of Interest for US Government Students:

  • The Political Compass
  • Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens - Gilens and Page
  • The Crisis of Democracy - The Trilateral Commission (1973)
  • The Powell Memo (also known as the Powell Manifesto) - Reclaim Democracy!
  • A Century of War - RT Documentary
  • Corruption is Legal in America - Represent.Us
  • The Lie We Live [Smart Kid - A Nice Wake-Up Call] - Spencer Cathcart
  • War Is A Racket - Major General Smedley Butler
  • Four Horsemen - Documentary (Great Stuff! Check This Out!)
  • Empire Files: Peter Joseph & Abby Martin on Abolishing Capitalism
  • Tipping Point: The End of Oil - Documentary
  • Wondering About the Origins of ISIS? (You'd Better Buckle Your Seatbelts for This One)
  • Capitalism Never Solves Its Crises; It Moves Them Around Geographically - RSAnimate
  • Two American Families - Frontline Documentary
  • We the People, and the Republic We Must Reclaim - Lawrence Lessig on TED
  • Global Wealth Inequality: What You Never Knew You Never Knew -
  • Wealth Inequality in America -
  • Park Ave: Wealth, Poverty, and the American Dream - Documentary
  • Shadows of Liberty - Documentary (Mass Media)
  • Plutocracy in America - Brenner
  • Addicted To War - Andreas
  • Consent Without Consent: Reflections on the Theory and Practice of Democracy - Chomsky
  • Searching for Steele: James Steele, America's Mystery Man in Iraq - BBC / Guardian Documentary
  • The Crisis of Civilization - Documentary
  • Let Your Life Be A Friction That Stops The Machine - Class War Films
  • Political Fraud - Class War Films
  • Financial Crime - Class War Films
  • Imperial Decay - Class War Films
  • Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis - Documentary
  • WikiRebels - Documentary
  • Obamacare: A Deception - Roberts
  • The Purchase of Our Republic - Falkson
  • Empire Under Obama: Counterinsurgency, Death Squads, and the Population as the Target - Marshall
  • Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? - Taibbi
  • Smash the Control Machine - Otep Rocks!
  • Rise Rebel Resist - Otep Rocks!
  • The Story of Stuff Project
  • The World is Coming to an End - Prince Ea
  • The Final Word from My Two Favorite Comedians of All Time on "The Big Question"