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Spring 2024 Research Project One: Due - Friday, March 15, 2024

What Kind of Government Do We Have? Institutional vs. Structural Approaches - Research Project One Question

Book / Article Excerpts (Institutional Analyses)
  • [Book] Interest Group Politics - Loomis and Cigler
  • [Book] Free Speech Requires Campaign Money - Smith
  • [Book] The Road to Serfdom - Hayek
  • [Book] Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis - Von Mises
  • [Book] Capitalism and Freedom - Friedman
  • [Book] American Democracy in Peril - Hudson
  • Does Capitalism Cause Democracy? - Bailey
  • Socialism or Capitalism? A Soho Forum Debate - Epstein
  • How Socialism Leads to More Domination of Workers than Free Markets - Somin
  • The Case for Congress - Hamilton
  • Book / Article Excerpts (Structural "Critical" Analyses - POLITICAL ECONOMY)
  • Voices of Dissent (Introduction) - Grover and Peschek
  • American Oligarchy - Mother Jones Investigation
  • [Book] Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were Structured to Make the Rich Richer - Baker
  • [Book] The Divine Right of Capital - Kelly
  • [Book] Democracy for the Few - Parenti
  • [Book] America Beyond Capitalism - Alperovitz
  • [Book] Myth America: Democracy vs. Capitalism - Boyer
  • [Book] Who Rules America? - Domhoff
  • [Book] Is That A Politician In Your Pocket? - Sifry and Watzman
  • The Common Good - Chomsky
  • The Power of the Rich - Tabb
  • The Market As Prison - Lindblom
  • Global Ecology and the Common Good - Bellamy Foster
  • Capitalism and the Environment - Magdoff and Foster
  • A Short History of Neoliberalism - George
  • The Straightjacket of Thin Democracy - Moore Lappe
  • This Land is Your Land - Hightower
  • Book / Article Excerpts (Structural "Critical" Analyses - IDEOLOGY AND CULTURE)
  • What Is the American Dream? - Hochschild
  • Liberal Individualism and the Crisis of Citizenship - Bellah, et. al.
  • Power of Majority Opinion in America Over Thought - Alexis de Tocqueville
  • Happiness and the American Dream - Gustave Speth
  • The Theology of American Empire - Chernus
  • The Greatest Nation on Earth - Jensen
  • Book / Article Excerpts (Structural "Critical" Analyses - CONSTITUTIONAL AND STATE STRUCTURES)
  • American Exceptionalism and the Politics of Fragmentation - Cohen and Rogers
  • The Dark Side of the Constitution - Dolbeare and Medcalf
  • The Constitution, the Supreme Court, and the Decline of American Democracy - Lazare
  • Our Godless Constitution - Allen
  • Some Truths Are Not Self-Evident - Zinn
  • Magazine, Journal, and Web Articles
  • Capitalism is Antithetical to Democracy - Urie
  • Do Capitalism and Democracy Really Need Each Other? - Amico
  • Why Capitalism is in Constant Conflict With Democracy - Wolff
  • Capitalism and the Illusion of Democracy - Urie
  • Varoufakis Details Vision for Ending 'Global Empire of Capital' to Avert Catastrophe - Varoufakis
  • Some Reflections on Systemic Racism and Capitalism - Gendrault
  • With Western Imperialism Decline, Capitalism Is in Crisis -- a New Phase Is Emerging - Romeiro Hermeto
  • Why Work Sucks: Capitalist Alienation and Socialist Human Potential - Koulouris
  • Are You Working For A Psycho? - Bakan
  • Capitalism and Democracy "Don't Mix Very Well" - Street
  • Internet Websites on Corporate Power and Democracy
  • Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy
  • Multinational Monitor
  • Center for Public Integrity
  • United for a Fair Economy
  • Public Citizen
  • Spring 2024 Research Project Two: Due - Friday, May 24, 2024

    The 2024 Presidential Election: Continuity or Change? - Research Project Two Question

    Recent Books for the Research Paper:

    Click Here To See Titles

    Books / Articles / Reports / Documents / Websites (Conservative / Republican)
  • The Political Spectrum
  • The Republican Party Home Page
  • New Poll: 2024 Republican Nomination Appears to Be Trump's for the Taking - Davis
  • Failure of "Bidenomics" Is Rankling Americans - Antoni
  • Biden the Liar - Cooke
  • Liz Cheney Would Rather See Democrats Win in 2024 - Garrity
  • Poll: Majority Believe Joe Biden Is 'Too Old to Effectively Serve' a Second Term - Bleau
  • Leave Trump Alone - Van Buren
  • CNN Poll: Most Republicans Believe GOP Has Best Chance to Win in 2024 if Donald Trump Is the Nominee - Bleau
  • 'What Happened to Unity?': Rush Limbaugh Says Biden 'Insulted' 75M Trump Voters in Speech - Soellner
  • Bernie Sanders: The Green Mountian Red - Smith
  • American Politics Change, But American Parties Endure - Mandelbaum
  • Trump's 2020 Vision - Antle III
  • (Book) The Rise and Fall of American Political Parties: 1790 - 2000 - Silbey
  • (Book) Free Speech Requires Campaign Money - Smith
  • (Book) Dollars and Votes - Clawson
  • The View From 1787 - Cost
  • Newsmax
  • One America News Network
  • The Continuing Woes of the "Establishment" - Larison
  • Books / Articles / Reports / Documents / Websites (Liberal / Democrat)
  • The Democratic Party Home Page
  • Portraying Trump as the Fascist He Is Could Save US Democracy - Green
  • The Garbage of 'Lesser of Two Evils' Discontents - Reich
  • 'Jail' Roger Stone Uproar as Congressmen Assassination Threat Audio Leaks
  • The Tell-Tale Sign Biden is Likely to Secure a Second Term - Cohen
  • Voting for President Is Not an Exercise in Personal Expression - Zimmerman
  • The Doubtful Future of the American Experiment - Gurtov
  • Former Obama Advisor David Axelrod Says Cornel West's Presidential Candidacy Could Swing the 2024 Election to Trump - Dorman
  • Is Anybody but Trump Excited About the 2024 Election Beginning? - Nolan Brown
  • The Trump Case and the Decline of True American Nationalism - Pillar
  • Biden Turns the Page On Trump in a Surprisingly Effective Inaugural Address - Harris
  • Inside Joe Biden's Agenda for His First 100 Days - Abramson and Bennett
  • An Open Letter to the Green Party for 2020 - Chomsky, et. al.
  • Imagine Yourself With Two Abusive Boyfriends... - Brown
  • 'They Let Him Get Away with Murder': Dems Tormented Over How to Stop Bernie - Korecki
  • Fake President - The Ralph Nader Radio Hour
  • How the Little Guy Gets Crunched - Barlett and Steele
  • White Supremacists Are Infiltrating the GOP From the Ground Up - Rivers Pitt
  • (Book) The Presidential Spectacle - Miroff
  • Can Hillary Clinton Convince Voters They're Not Settling? - Brownstein
  • Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination - Editorial Board - The New York Times
  • Another Neocon Endorses Clinton, Calling Her '2016's Real Conservative' and 'the Candidate of the Status Quo' - Norton
  • Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright Scold Young Women Backing Bernie Sanders - Rappeport
  • Books / Articles / Reports / Documents / Websites (Critical / Radical)
  • The Sad Spectacle of Lesser-Evil Elections - Systemic Disorder
  • A Class Analysis of the Trump-Biden Rerun - Wolff
  • An Election for the Billionaires - Martin
  • The Democracy Election - Parry
  • America's Stunted Political Spectrum - Second Thought
  • The Political Compass
  • American Oligarchy - Mother Jones Investigation
  • Voters Don't Want a Trump-Biden Rematch in 2024. So How Come They Are Still the Frontrunners?
  • These Statistics Show Why the Status Quo is Failing Most Americans - Poole
  • Extinction Is Utopian, Too - Sperber
  • Could 2024 Election Cause Society to Collapse? Some Preppers Think So - And They're Ready - Hughes
  • Wall Street or the Working Class: The Democrats Must Choose - Leopold
  • The Americans are Unleashing Monsters They Have No Idea How to Contain - Urie
  • Instead of Trashing Cornel West, Here's What Democrats Could Do If They Actually Cared About Social and Economic Justice - McCarley
  • While Americans Sleep, Our Corporate Overlords Make Progress Impossible - Nader
  • The Two Faces of Joe Biden - Taibbi
  • Third Party? America Doesn't Even Have a Second Party - Knapp
  • Ralph Nader: Democrats Ushered in an Era of Corporate Fascism - Scheer
  • Ruling Class Joe and the Essence of American Politics - Street
  • The Trump/Biden Handoff: Business as Usual, as Usual - Knapp
  • Top 10 Executive Actions Biden Could Do But Won't - Camp
  • The Deep State's Stealthy, Subversive, Silent Coup to Ensure Nothing Changes - Whitehead
  • U.S. Ruling Class Wins Again - Mackler
  • Inauguration 2021: On the Edge of an Abyss - Kishore and North
  • Two Capitalist Parties Compete, Humanity Loses - Urie
  • Affluent Authoritarianism: New Evidence on Public Opinion and Policy - Ferguson
  • America After the Election: A Few Hard Truths About the Things That Won't Change - Whitehead
  • America's Two Right-Wing Parties Absurdly Keep Accusing Each Other Of Being Far-Left - Johnstone
  • President Trump versus Vice President Biden, a Disappointing Decision for American Voters - Davich
  • Class: The Little Word the Elites Want You to Forget - Hedges
  • Here They Come Again: The Kind of Neoliberal Democrats Who Prefer Trump to Sanders - Reed, Jr.
  • How Capitalism's Structural and Ideological Crisis Gives Rise to Neo-Fascism - The Real News Network
  • Neither Democrats Nor Republicans Will Admit the Problem Is Capitalism Itself - Wolff
  • Billionaires and American Politics - Wittner
  • Vowing Not to 'Demonize' the Rich, Biden Tells Billionaires 'Nothing Would Fundamentally Change' If He Was Elected - Higgins
  • Elections and the Illusion of Political Control - Urie
  • The Democrats Can't Save Us - Pemberton
  • (Book) The Limits of Presidential Power - Genovese
  • (Book) Democracy for the Few - Parenti
  • (Book) Is That A Politician In Your Pocket? Washington on $2 Million a Day - Sifry and Watzman
  • (Book) Dynasties: How Their Wealth and Power Threaten Democracy - Phillips
  • The Rise of American Authoritarianism - Taub
  • Overwhelming Majority of Americans Believe that Both Parties Are Too Corrupt to Change Anything - Washington's Blog
  • Ordinary Americans Fought Big Money and Won in 2015 - Mason
  • Books / Articles / Reports / Documents / Websites (Third Party)
  • Challenging the Duopoly: Jill Stein on Why She's Running for US President as Green Party Candidate - Geopolitical Economy Report
  • Presidential Candidate Jill Stein On Gaza, The Two-Party System and US Militarism - Interview with Mnar Adley
  • The Democrats' "All-Out War" on Third Parties and Independent Candidates - Crosse
  • Black Media Misleaders Do the Democrats' Dirty Work - Kimberly
  • Breaking Down Cornel West's Campaign So Far (w/ Sabby Sabs) - Journalists for Sale (Jones and Ramos)
  • Cornel West Runs for President: You Can't Be a Spoiler if the System Is Already Rotten - Harris
  • We Should Not Disregard or Disrespect Cornel West's Candidacy for President of the United States - Griffen
  • Cornel West and the Campaign to End Political Apartheid - Hedges
  • Could Cornel West Help the Greens Win Ballot Access in 50 States? - Garrison
  • Cornel West's Candidacy is 'For The Least of These' - The Chris Hedges Report
  • Cornel West on Running for President, Ending Ukraine War & Taking on "Corporate Duopoly" of Dems & GOP - Democracy Now!
  • Socialist Alternative
  • Why We Need a New Progressive Party and How We Can Create It - Rall
  • You Can Trust 'Left Liberals' to be Liberals First (and Left Last): A Reply to Chomsky & Friends' Open Letter - Rasmus
  • Bossing Grown Folks Around: The Open Letter to the Greens - Moser
  • Sorry Chomsky and Friends, the Green Party Isn't the Problem - Pemberton
  • Why the Green Party Isn't the Problem - Hoenig
  • (Book) Spoiling for a Fight: Third Party Politics in America - Sifry
  • Truth + Justice = Green Party's Trailblazing World Peace Platform - Smith
  • Spring 2024 Final Research Project: Due - Friday, May 24, 2024

    The Four Theories of American Government - Final Research Project Question

    Text Assignments - Spring 2024 (Due: Upon Completion of Lecture)

    Final Exam Study Guide - Spring 2024

    Examples of Student Papers Receiving "A" Grades

    Sample APA Paper (Final Paper)

    Sample APA Paper (Final Paper)

    Sample APA Paper(Final Paper)

    Sample APA Paper (Final Paper)

    Sample APA Paper (Final Paper)

    Sample APA Paper (Final Paper)

    Sample APA Paper (Final Paper)

    Sample APA Paper (Final Paper)

    Sample APA Paper (Final Paper)

    Sample APA Paper (Final Paper)

    Sample APA Paper (Final Paper)

    Sample APA Paper (Final Paper)

    Sample APA Paper (Final Paper)

    Sample APA Paper (Final Paper)

    Recent Articles, Documentaries, and Websites of Interest for US Government Students:

  • American Oligarchy - Mother Jones Investigation
  • World's First Trillionaire Just 10 Years Away as Richest Men Double Their Wealth - Johnson
  • Geography and History Render the U.S. the Most Defensible Country in the World - Indeed It Spends Far More Than Any Other Country On Its Military - Johnston
  • Essay: Anatomy of the Deep State - Lofgren
  • Trump Against Empire: Is That Why They Hate Him? - Parenti
  • The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight - Moyers and Company
  • The War on Journalism: The Case of Julian Assange
  • OK Chloe: Millennial MP Challenges the New Zealand Establishment - Video
  • A Message From the Future II: "Years of Repair"
  • Granny D Goes to Washington
  • The Political Compass
  • Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens - Gilens and Page
  • Measuring Rates of Return for Lobbying Expenditures: An Empirical Analysis Under the American Jobs Creation Act - Alexander, Scholz, and Mazza
  • The Powell Memo (also known as the Powell Manifesto) - Reclaim Democracy!
  • The Crisis of Democracy - The Trilateral Commission (1973)
  • The Collapse of the American Empire? - The Agenda with Steve Paikin
  • Corruption is Legal in America - Represent.Us
  • Unbreaking America: A NEW Short Film about Solving the Corruption Crisis - Represent.Us
  • The Lie We Live [Smart Kid - A Nice Wake-Up Call] - Spencer Cathcart
  • War Is A Racket - Major General Smedley Butler
  • Four Horsemen - Documentary (Great Stuff! Check This Out!)
  • Empire Files: Peter Joseph & Abby Martin on Abolishing Capitalism
  • The Propaganda Multiplier:How Global News Agencies and Western Media Report on Geopolitics - Swiss Propaganda Research
  • Tipping Point: The End of Oil - Documentary
  • Capitalism Never Solves Its Crises; It Moves Them Around Geographically - RSAnimate
  • Two American Families - Frontline Documentary
  • Global Wealth Inequality: What You Never Knew You Never Knew -
  • Wealth Inequality in America -
  • Billionaire Bonanza: The Forbes 400 and the Rest of Us - Institute for Policy Studies
  • Park Ave: Wealth, Poverty, and the American Dream - Documentary
  • Shadows of Liberty - Documentary (Mass Media)
  • Plutocracy in America - Brenner
  • Addicted To War - Andreas
  • Consent Without Consent: Reflections on the Theory and Practice of Democracy - Chomsky
  • The Untouchables - Frontline Documentary
  • The Crisis of Civilization - Documentary
  • Let Your Life Be A Friction That Stops The Machine - Class War Films
  • Political Fraud - Class War Films
  • Financial Crime - Class War Films
  • Imperial Decay - Class War Films
  • WikiRebels - Documentary
  • Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis - Documentary
  • The Purchase of Our Republic - Falkson
  • Empire Under Obama: Counterinsurgency, Death Squads, and the Population as the Target - Marshall
  • Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? - Taibbi
  • Smash the Control Machine - Otep Rocks!
  • The Story of Stuff Project
  • Prologue: Why You Shouldn't Let Collapse Get You Down - Sid Smith
  • The World is Coming to an End - Prince Ea
  • The Final Word from My Two Favorite Comedians of All Time on "The Big Question"